Daniel Scaturro
Santon :
On each santon, the facial expression, the delicacy of the hands are the more visible signs of talent of our Santon Craftsman, Best French Craftsman. But look a little closer at the ears, the glint in the eye. You can almost believe that with a snap of the fingers, the characters had been miniaturised.

Men (20cm-28cm-33cm) | Seated on a chair (28cm) | Special standing and seated (28cm) | Women (20cm-28cm-33cm) |

Seated on a chair (28cm)

  • Basket worker Ref:258 
  • Coffee grinder woman Ref:256 
  • Fisherman Ref:257 
  • Old knitting lady Ref:259 
  • Old man reading newspaper Ref:260 
  • Woman with garlic Ref:255 

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