Daniel Scaturro
Santon :
The creation of a santon figurine is entirely by hand, using what is locally called an ébauchoir (specific tool) made by the artist, and a brush.
It's from different photos from his surroundings and many hours work, that will come to life under his magnifying glass, for up-most precision, the face of these little wonders called the Santons.After, starts the work on the hands and feet
Then, starts the plaster mould creation (this takes about a half a day's work), based on the original model, and to finish, the research into traditional costumes. Once these elements are all in place, the little hand-made family production may begin.After the moulding, the statues must be trimmed (take off the extra cray), and laid to dry.

Once dry, they will be placed in the kiln for about 8 hours. The temperature can reach up to 980°C. The following stage is the painting, then the ageing (technique that offers an aged and finished look to the santons), a very intricate part of the work as this allows the realism and exactitude of a human being. Last stage: the creation of the fully clothed santon.

Santons are created in 5 different sizes:
- 7 and 10 cm for the santons entirely made from clay.
- 20, 28 and 33 cm for the dressed santons.
- 28 cm for the personalised and film star santons.

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