Daniel Scaturro
Santon :
On a different line, but still modelled from the same materials : Aubagne original clay, the Film Star Santons came to light in 1986 as Papet, a roll played by the famous Yves Montand, Don Camillo played by the renowned Fernandel or the famous Partie de carte (game of cards) from the film Marius by Marcel Pagnol. Each year, Daniel SCATURRO produces one or two new creations, always unique articles directly inspired from the world of cinema.

Don Camillo (28cm) | Jean de florette (28cm) | La femme du boulanger (28cm) | La fille du puisatier (28cm) | La Partie de Cartes (28cm) | La Trilogie (28cm) | La vache et le prisonnier (28cm) | Regain (28cm) | The other (28cm) |

Jean de florette (28cm)

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